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Medical Malpractice Involving Improper Treatment At Birth
(Structured settlement of $4.7 million dollars)

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A 7-year-old Old Bridge boy will receive $4.7 million as part of a settlement of a medical malpractice case in Brooklyn. The settlement was reached Monday before U.S. District Court Judge Mark Costantino. Martin Kronberg, an attorney who represented the family, said they will receive a cash down payment of $435,000 with the remainder to be paid during the boy’s lifetime. The family had filed suit against the boy’s pediatrician, Dr. Stoyanka Kresic of Elmhurst, N.Y. They alleged he had failed to treat a low blood-sugar condition shortly after birth that left the boy mentally and physically disabled.

Kronberg said the condition could have been treated with proper medications. The family lived in Queens before the child was born and continued to use the New York doctor after moving to New Jersey, Kronberg said.

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